The Atlantic

The Atlantic: Blame It on the Alcohol

In my latest essay, I disclose the series of missteps that led to my first (and second, and third) accidental sips of alcohol. Check it out in The Atlantic! Blame It on the Alcohol: An Unintentional Bender in New Delhi What happens when an abstainer, inspired by Islam...

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The Atlantic: Growing Up Is Hard to Do

This essay appeared in the Atlantic this week. Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Forced into Adulthood by an Aging Parent I approached my 30th birthday with the typical trepidation associated with the occasion: I lamented all I hadn’t accomplished; I surveyed my face...

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The Atlantic: My Own Private Bollywood

My latest essay, an ode to my love-hate relationship with Bollywood, ran in The Atlantic recently – check it out! My Own Private Bollywood “So, your last name’s Khan, huh?” a guy at work asked out of the blue one day. Though we’d always...

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