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Meet Sarah Khan

Journalist and Editorial Consultant

Sarah hooks readers with stylish, sophisticated writing…With fresh and surprising insights and a welcome sense of humor, this is travel writing that shines.

Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards

Blame Sarah’s parents for her itinerant profession: she grew up in Saudi Arabia, where her father worked for Saudia Airlines and her mother was a freelance journalist. With role models like these—and with many of her formative memories unfolding in airplane aisles at 30,000 feet—it’s no wonder she grew up to be a travel journalist.

After a year as Editor in Chief of Condé Nast Traveller Middle East, Sarah is currently a contributing editor at Condé Nast Traveler and at Robb Report, and is on the faculty of the Columbia School of Journalism’s Columbia Publishing Course. As an award-winning freelance travel writer, she’s reported from seven continents for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Travel + Leisure, Time, Food & Wine, and many others. Sarah’s work was chosen for The Best American Travel Writing 2021 and has won numerous awards, including an honorable mention as Travel Journalist of the Year in the 2021 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards.

A frequent podcast guest and event panelist and moderator sharing her insights on the travel and media industries, Sarah is also passionate about championing diverse voices. With four other colleagues from the industry, she co-founded Travel is Better in Color in 2020 to spotlight dynamic writers, editors, photographers, and publicists working in travel media today.

A disciple of maps, a connoisseur of global junk foods, a hoarder of hotel pens, and a master at sleeping through long-haul flights: Sarah has all the marks of a professional peripatetic. She has lived in six countries on three continents—Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, the UAE, and the US—and has 2.5 passports. To find out #whereintheworldissarahkhan, follow her on Instagram or Twitter @BySarahKhan.


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