I contribute to Condé Nast Traveler’s podcasts from time to time, and I figured I’d recap some of the ones I’ve been on here.

Women Who Travel: Our Unexpected Travel Wins
I join a conversation about destinations that surprised us, for better or for worse. Some of my revelations include Lithuania, Johannesburg, and Minneapolis.

Women Who Travel: The Travel Industry Needs to Do More for Women of Color
I think the title of this one is self-explanatory! I join two dynamic women, Jessica Nabongo of the blog Catch Me If You Can and Huffington Post editor Rowaida Abdelaziz, to take on this difficult topic.

Travelogue: Tourism Destinations That Have Changed Drastically in the Last 30 Years
I dialed in to chat about this article I did on South Africa’s tourism industry then and now, and about other destinations that have gone through a transformation in the past three decades.

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